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The doctor says I'm 7.5 weeks or so, because they date from the first day of last period or something like that, but if we look at the calendar and the likely days of conception, it's more like 6 weeks or so.  I'm going totally NUTS not telling anyone.  We've told Tami and Lonnie because we decided we couldn't keep it entirely to ourselves.  At this point, I want to tell Christy at work because the number of doctor's appointments keeps going up and it's irksome scheduling-wise.  I don't feel comfortable saying it's all about the diabetes, because it's not.  *shrug*  I'll double-check with Rick once more before telling her.

I met with the internist yesterday.  She said that in actuality I don't have gestational diabetes, I have Type II diabetes, and I'm pregnant.  Gestational diabetes goes away at the end of the pregnancy, therefore I don't have it.  However, I am doing the exact same regimen of tightly controlled blood sugar levels, so for all intents and purposes we could say "diabetic pregnancy" or something.  As long as everyone knows what I'm talking about, it's fine.  We're not all that nit-picky.

I started using two different insulin injector-pens: one for before each meal (a fast-acting insulin), one before bed (slow-acting).  I'm increasing the dosage slowly until my BSLs are in the correct range at each testing.  So far, after one lunch and one dinner, the dinner dosage was spot-on!  Did I do everything right, or did I not eat enough carbs?  I'm erring on the side of "I did it right" because it makes me feel better.  I am in need of little victories.

I've stopped losing weight and actually gained a pound in the last week or two; yeah, between the 5th and the 16th of September I gained 1 lb - no longer exercising at lunch, but taking shorter walks more often.  I'd like to take slightly longer walks, like 15-20 minutes at lunch and 15 minutes after dinner.  The holidays, however, throw everything off.  That's probably part of the culprit: the 5th and 6th were Rosh Hashanah, so not at work and not in the usual routine.

I read that "pregnancy brain" is a real thing because typically, pregnant ladies are stressed out and probably not sleeping enough, and that combo will put dents in anyone's mental faculties.  If so, I'm so screwed.  *grin*  Yesterday I forgot my wallet at home; today I forgot my work laptop!  Oy.

Carmen offered us a belated wedding present: she wants to give us each a round-trip ticket to Tarragona, Spain, plus lodging while in Tarragona, and spend that time with us and show us the town, her home town.  She'd like to do this between May and September of 2014, for 4 weeks but certainly no less than 3 weeks.  Rick's response is "why not last year?!?" and my response is "I can never get 4 weeks off of work even though I have that much vacation time b/c I have to take half of it for Jewish holidays," nor can Rick take all 4 weeks of his vacation at once because he has other things for which he wants to take off time, as do I.  Also, we're due right when she wants to go, so ... yeah, not travelling to Spain in the first month of the baby's life!  I'd have no problem with the first two weeks of September: I'd be on maternity leave, so it wouldn't be an issue with my vacation time, it would just be if Rick had 2 weeks then.  Would 5 months be okay for that kind of trip?  Yet another thing to ask my GP.


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