10 weeks!

Oct. 16th, 2013 03:14 pm
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As I suspected, this baby is a camping baby. I can put on our annual calendar the anniversary of its conception. *grin* I bet if I say the way to commemorate is to have sex, Rick would be okay with it; however, if we say instead the way to celebrate is to NOT have sex because we don't want to have another baby the same general time as the first, because that would be mean having two kids with nearly the same birthday, then... hmmmm. I'll have to think about that one.

We can see arm buds and leg buds and some bones growing: nose and chin seem to be there, as well as big head, heart, and yolk sack while the placenta isn't finished developing yet. The yolk sack is one way to tell it's less than 12 weeks old.

If we go to term, that would put it smack in the middle of May. Two weeks early, which is a possibility, would mean April 30th or so, and if we did need to induce somewhere in that range we could ask for May the 4th and call it a present to ourselves in honor of Chris and Janice's wedding! However, Luke and Leia are not names being considered, nor any of the other Star Wars franchise names.

I heard no heartbeat, but I saw it, and I have pictures. Wow. It's fantastic, as in fantastical, that we get to see these images from inside my body - honest to God, there is a proto-person being supported/supporting itself, right next to my bladder. (Oh lord, I have not had to pee so badly for so long as the last 30 minutes before the appointment today.)

Peanut, Dot, Tiny Giant Head, Tadpole, whatever gestational nickname we come up with, I see you now. We see you. I mean, not like a window, that would be hugely creepy and not too secure, but, well, there you are, kicking and waving and swimming. You are entirely sticking with me, babe. We're in it together, you and me.
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